The “team” at Camp Full Monte can be very dynamic in make up. Steve, Denise & Daisy Dog are permanent members but we also host volunteers at Camp Full Monte to lend a helping hand.


Is past the half century mark but says he’s as old as the woman he feels! Stevo (as he’s known locally) is famous for: his injuries (spectacular incidents befall him all the time); his can-do attitude (favourite phrase: “how hard can it be?”) and his bright red Transit Van.


Is the reason Steve still feels 40 something! Den or Danica is famous for: her cooking & she’s pretty well preserved (jams & chutneys that is!).  She’s passionate about food, books, friends and compost heaps.

Daisy Marmite

Our dog daisy looking regal

Is a stray mongrel that Steve fell in love with in 2011.  She’s the campsite guard dog and everyone’s favourite.

Join the team?

Developing our land is fun but hard slog and we are always looking for volunteers.  So if you fancy exchanging some manual labour or a particular skill (stone wall building & carpentry always in demand) for a free camp pitch and three meals a day, check out the  Volunteer page on our website and get in touch.

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  1. Brian Lewis
    Brian Lewis

    Hi, I’m a friend of Duncan Dunlop’s from Scotland.
    I was recently speaking to Duncan about the fact that I’m getting married in Dubrovnik on October 11th and struggling to find a reasonably priced DJ.
    He suggested that I ask you if you could recommend one?

    Also, there are about 12 of us there for a week following the wedding so if there is anything you would recommend in terms of a day trip or anything please do let me know.

    Sorry that this is such an odd request,

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