The ethos that drives what we try to achieve at Camp Full Monte is simple.

Be Natural

The simplest expression of this is that we are straightforward folk with no hidden agendas.  We’re not perfect but we are comfortable in our own skin.  For us, being natural is also about working with nature, not against her.  Wherever possible we harness nature’s energy and preserve the earth’s natural resources.  Our natural approach extends to eating homegrown, organic food wherever possible.

Be Practical

We are realists and we do what we can with the time, resources and budget that we have.  We try and focus on the things we can change rather than wasting time on those we cannot.  We are practical people in the sense of getting our hands dirty too!  We love the satisfaction that comes from clearing our land, restoring terraces, making things and growing things.

Be Happy

We ditched our high-stress lives in the UK so we could kick the habit of only living for the weekends and holidays.  We enjoy what we do and have lots of fun and giggles along the way.  We try not to take ourselves too seriously and remember that a smile is a very simple thing that can make a huge difference.

4 thoughts on “Ethos”

  1. Hi there, my name is Moriah. I’m 33 and live in a little town called Gleed, in Eastern Washington State. I don’t usually leave comments for total strangers, but in this case…

    I was browsing the internet, looking to identify the funky little white caterpillars that are munching my bush beans, when I found you. I love the way you write and recognized quite a few similarities between us. My husband and I are unfortunately, not as comfortable in our skins, but that’s a small difference really. It’s something we’re still working on I guess. 🙂

    My husband and I also have an organic garden and are continually, and with great love, working on our property. We love being outdoors and feeling one with nature.

    I’m writing because you have unwittingly, helped me… You have helped me to feel that there are others out there like me by your honest appraisal of self. You’ve also helped me to see myself in a more favorable light, because I could see you that way too. So for that, I thank you and wish you well.

    Moriah Cyr

    1. Hi Moriah. Thank you so much for this lovely comment!!! I write this blog mostly for my friends & family back home who want news of us and also because when we were setting up our eco camp and organic gardens here in Montenegro we looked for blogs and onlines articles to help us in our green endeavours and we couldn’t find any so I resolved to write everything down to help others… Sometimes I get jaded and a little fed up with the ‘journal keeping’ and then I get a comment like yours and it all feels worth while again. So, you have helped ME! Thanks so much and I hope you keep dropping by! The blog posts are a litlle sporadic at the moment as we concentrate on getting the most from our campsite business whilst the sun shines but in the autumn, I’ll be posting regulalry again. Best of luck with your organic gardens! I don’t even know what ‘bush beans’ are so you have much to educate me!

  2. Hi there,
    I’m wondering if you can help with some advice. I found your site while looking for info. to help plan our holiday to Croatia and Montenegro.
    I’m wondering if you know whether when hiring a car in Croatia, you need to buy a border pass/permit in order to take the care to (and from) Montenegro? Car hire company websites sell these for £40 or £50 and say insurance is invalidated without it. In other places I have read that a pass/permit is not required.



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