Are you seeking a new life, business, or property in Montenegro?

Look no further! Camp Full Monte and the legal entity that owns it, Full Monte Enterprises d.o.o., are for sale.

What exactly are you looking for?

I want a tourism business

Purchasing Full Monte Enterprises d.o.o would allow you to continue to run the site as a campsite, an eco-retreat, or sustainable tourism business.

I want to live more sustainably

Purchasing Full Monte Enterprises d.o.o. could allow you to live a simple, self-sufficient, environmentally friendly, off-grid life, surrounded by outstanding natural beauty.

I’m looking for property development potential

Purchasing Full Monte Enterprises d.o.o. would allow you to further develop the site as residential housing and accommodation units for your own use, rental or resale.

I want to “try” before I buy

Not yet ready to fully commit to a purchase of Camp Full Monte? How about a lease or rental agreement?

I want a property swap deal

Do you have a property elsewhere in Montenegro or somewhere else in the world that you want to swap or part exchange for Camp Full Monte?

I have an idea I want to run past you

When investing in a business or property we are well aware that the shape of any deal can vary. We are ready to listen to any reasonable offers in the region of €300K.

Can I just buy the land?

The owners would consider selling just the land that makes up Camp Full Monte but, even if you do not want to use the site to run a campsite or tourism business, there are advantages to buying the company (and thereby the land by default).
For example:

  • You would avoid much of the bureaucracy and legal fees normally associated with buying land and property. You will be buying the company, which already owns the property and assets.
  • As the company director you would qualify for a residency visa.
  • Without a company, the amount of land you could legally buy as an individual (unless you are a Montenegro citizen) would be significantly reduced.


Do you have any questions? The owners are willing to consider any reasonable offer of approximately €300K from investors interested in Full Monte Enterprises d.o.o. or the property that is Camp Full Monte.

2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Hi, Steve here, yes it’s still for sale. Unfortunately, the previous buyer was unable to sell her property in the UK and the deal fell through. I’ll send you an e-mail. Regards Steve

  2. Sidtsara Ross
    Sidtsara Ross

    Is it still Denise?
    I thought u had sold it. I spent a few weeks in mo fenegro this summer.mim still interested in being part of full mo team and have just made myself available again next year after working in uk this year.
    I’m interested in renting o try before guy basis and have an investor keen to know more info

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