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The re-launch of the Camp Full Monte blog about our life in Montenegro.

Why did you stop posting?

Put simply, last year was our busiest year to date at Camp Full Monte. Our off-grid status and the limited internet connection at the campsite meant Denise had to return to our house to post articles and it was just too time consuming. Something had to give and in June last year we decided to temporarily abandon the blog. As time went on, the longer we left it, the harder it became to pick it up again. Apologies for that.

What has changed at Camp Full Monte?

Quite a bit actually. We’ve upgraded both the campsite solar P.V. generation system and our internet connection. They still have their limitations but we’re hoping that it will be easier to post from the campsite in 2017. We’ve had a number of major computer failures over the winter necessitating investment in new machines. Denise has a shiny new tablet/laptop with a massive battery life. We’ve also migrated to a more cloud based IT infrastructure.

To date, Denise has taken responsibility for updating the blog.  Her writing skills are still much still better than mine. She can knock out a great post in no time whereas I agonise and edit and re-edit over and over. Nonetheless, it’s time I did my bit. The point is we’ll both be posting from now on. This shared responsibility should make easier to post more regularly.

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What to expect from this blog and Camp Full Monte in 2017.

I’ve got a head full of ideas for articles. Many will relate to our, or perhaps more correctly my, attitudes and approach to clothes free living. Our clothing optional policy will remain part of the Camp Full Monte experience in 2017 but our commitment to the environment and all things “eco” is also very important. Our aim is to appeal to guests with both these interests but not to deter those with just one or the other. We will therefore be repeating our 2016 split calendar approach in 2017.

For the bulk of the summer season (June 16th- September 4th) Camp Full Monte will be clothing optional but our full camping season will run from mid-May to mid-September. During these “shoulder” periods we’ll operate a more “conventional” clothed camping policy. These months are actually the best time to visit Montenegro. It’s not too hot, it’s less crowded and, late Spring especially, is when the wild beauty of Montenegro is at it’s peak.

On a more humorous note, our very first guest during last year’s “textile” season had obviously not “read the memo” and stripped off the minute he arrived. Ourselves and a few volunteers excepted, he was the only person on-site so we didn’t care or have the heart to tell him and the opportunity for all of us to fully enjoy the spring sunshine was a bonus.

Despite this slight hiccup, our split calendar worked well last year. To our surprise, we didn’t attract significantly more guests during our “textile” months. However, it did allow us greater flexibility in the kind of activities we ran on-site. The highlights were an eco-themed field trip for a local school and a kick-off party for a new initiative led by local women wanting to raise awareness of a broad range of interests and issues they face in Montenegro.  You can expect more this year. There is even talk of a women’s festival.  More in later posts.

Still not sure about our clothing optional policy?

If you can only visit during our clothing optional months, please don’t be put off. It’s probably worth re-iterating what we mean by clothing optional. In summary it is this, if you choose to stay clothed, please don’t make those around you feel uncomfortable if their choice is different to yours and vice versa of course.

On-site nudity is more incidental than central to the Camp Full Monte experience. At any one time there will always be some who are clothed, some in shorts or topless and some naked. You don’t have to justify your choice to anyone. It hasn’t happened yet but anyone obviously visiting us to lurk in the shadows and stare at the naked people will be made to feel very unwelcome.

The atmosphere on-site is friendly, peaceful, calm and relaxed with a retreat like feel. Ideal for those new to a clothes optional environment. You won’t be the only “newbie”. We estimate that well over half our guests are “getting their kit off” in front of strangers for the first time.   Judging from comments in our guest book they found it surprisingly easy and leave looking forward to their next clothing optional experience. Here are a few pictures from last season.

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What about Denise? – We loved her posts!

As mentioned earlier, Denise will continue to blog about her passion for the environment, literature, gardening, cooking, and sustainable & healthy living. We also have two twitter accounts: @EcoCampMonte and @CampFullMonte.   Den (mostly) will use @EcoCampMonte to curate and share content that catches her eye. I (mostly) will continue to share content about alternative technologies, traveling in Montenegro, naturism and body confidence via the @Campfullmonte account.  So choose your poison or follow both – but follow us. Let the tweet off begin!

Facebook’s puritanical stance on nudity shows no signs of change. It seems violence, hate, racism and sexism are all perfectly acceptable but even talking about nudity can get you banned. Strange times indeed. We’ll both continue to use our Facebook page (within the rules) to keep you posted about life on the campsite. Despite it’s faults, it’s a great way to stay in touch with us, other guests and our volunteers. So “Facebookers”, “Like” our page and don’t be afraid to share your passions with us. Anyone can post to our timeline.

Finally, Denise has been honing her smartphone photography skills and regularly posts fabulous photos to our Camp Full Monte Instagram account.

Check it out while I start work on my next post in which I’ll summarise our 2016 season and tell you about plans for 2017.

Feel free to leave us a comment. Encouragement or criticism is always welcome.

It’s good to be back!


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