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Steve’s postscript to 22 reasons why I love you

The postscript to this story is that while Denise was writing this wonderful declaration I was secretly flying back to the UK to be with her. In the 22 years that we have been together neither of us could remember a Valentine’s Day spent apart. It seemed wrong to start now. Denise already had commitments for the weekend after Valentine’s Day but the British Airways flight schedule meant I could arrive at Gatwick on Thursday night and make my way to London to be with her for the night before setting off at 6.00am the following morning to catch my flight back. So I began to hatch a plan.

First I had to be sure she would be there 🙂 So I enlisted the help of the friends she mentions to arrange a dinner date. To be doubly sure I contacted all other friends with whom she might make conflicting plans to tell them to be ready with excuses as to why they were busy. The stress of it all going horribly wrong and the potential for considerable waste of time and money was huge but the plan worked like a dream.

As I walked into the pub where Denise and our friends, Vince & Meike, were to have pre dinner drinks, I caught sight of Denise with her back to me. Vince spotted me and casually said “Hi”. With a single red rose in hand I was able to get right up next to her before she turned to greet me thinking I was Meike. Her face was a picture beyond words

After countless “OMG’s” and rapid banter about how I came to be there we made our way to the restauraunt for a truly memorable meal (We can highly recommend the “Village Kitchen” in Walthamstow Village BTW – great food and fabulous staff). Well the evening unfolded with much wine, food, good company and conversation (and not much sleep 😉 ). All too quickly it was 6.00 am on Friday and I was heading back to Gatwick with a big grin on my face. The memories of our precious time together will have to keep me going until Denise returns to Montenegro in March. I’m counting the days honey.

With love from your Valentine xxx

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