Our Full Monte Life…

The race to open Camp Full Monte on 6th may – Four days to go!

Another late night

It’s gone midnight on May 2nd and technically we’ve less than 4 days to go before opening but in my head, opening day minus 4 doesn’t start until we wake up in the morning. Loads of time – Not!

Help is at hand

But the Cavalry have arrived in the form of 4 additional volunteers to Team Camp Full Monte . Joining Jasper are Adam & Lia from the UK & Austria respectively and Kev & Mada from France and Romania. Keen as mustard they all got stuck into the list of jobs to be completed by May 6th.


Today’s Achievements

Cupboards painted. Old grey water grease trap cleaned and stored (still not sure how we will re-use it but we’re working on it). Water tank filled to over 30,000 litres – only another 15,000 to go! Plants and seedlings safely relocated to the campsite from their nursery on the top floor of our rented house .

Fruit and veg for planting out at Camp Full Monte.

Fruit and veg plants keen to get their roots into the ground

Our four new volunteers get settled in. Adam & Lia are test driving one of our new hire tents. It took a while to put it up but we worked it out in the end. Jasper set his tent up and is ready to vacate the caravan so Den & I can move in permanently for the summer. A second van load of stuff taken out of storage and put in place on site. Main dining tables and chairs set up. Sun/Massage/Yoga platform in place.  Kitchen cupboards given a fresh lick of paint. Pea sticks collected and now providing support for our rapidly developing seedlings. Tomato beds prepared for planting.

In the meantime, Denise continued to arrange the kitchen. Still more stuff to add in but it’s looking pretty homely already.


Check out the before and after pics.

Wheelbarrow repairman in action

And yes, we’ve re-christened Jasper wheelbarrow repairman. Camp Full Monte is a three wheelbarrow establishment again. We’ll need them.

All great going, considering that I’d also spent a couple of hours giving the new arrivals a guided tour of our eco facilities.

With another warm and sunny day forecast for tomorrow it looks as if we might just do this!

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