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Months in Review…

To the handful of loyal followers who actually enjoy the blog updates about the real Full Monte life, BIG apologies – these ‘months in review’ are months overdue!

Nov - Orijen hike 7

Hiking with Hayley & Daisy on Orijen – Nov ’15

Nov - Orijen hike 11

Views from the Orijen mountain hut

Nov - Orijen hike 2

More Orijen views – Nov ’15

Nov - hike 3

Hiking trail with Daisy above Kameno – Nov ’15

Nov - hike 1

Cool funghi on hiking trail above Kameno – Nov ’15

Silver shag FB 3

November 11th 2015, Steve & Den celebrated 25 years since the friendship turned to a relationship and eventually to marriage. So we hosted a Silver Shag party. Much silver-themed merriment…

Stari Bar hike

In December Den & Daisy went for a hike in the Rumija mountains above Stari Bar with friends

Xmas day Den & Steve

Time flew by after 3 weeks in the UK for Den – some work, much looking for work, medical check ups,  etc – a stressful time. And then suddenly it was Christmas & we were back on the beach…

Xmas day group FB

… celebrating with friends in the sunshine. Toasting absent friends with a tear in our eyes…

Xmas 3

… and holding onto those we care about. Here’s Den & Mich the Christmas Elf

Xmas glasses

Back to Muo for present opening. The rule this year was handmade only. Den painted glasses. Steve baked cookies.

Homemade door stop

In return we got a homemade doorstop from recycled materials, handmade fudge & chocolate brownies and a beautiful watercolour.

Xmas dogs

As usual, there were plenty of hounds…

Xmas dinner

Christmas dinner was a fine affair. Amazing food! And when we left this mob to join another party on Lustica, we were greeted with fireworks and Mexican dominoes.

Xmas marzipan

It was the Christmas we tried to make marzipan from scratch. And failed.

Jan - jigsaw

Here’s one of my Christmas presents from Steve.

Xmas jigsaw 3

Not 1 but 2 Christmas jigsaws this year! Carrie continued her Marmite theme in an an impossible puzzle. It had 1 piece missing AND an additional duplicate piece. As if it wasn’t hard enough…

Jan - 3 dogs

From end of December we had Mollie & Louis to stay. They made up the NYE party this year which was a quiet but wonderful affair with champagne, Port, treats, delicious food and Jools Holland on TV.

Den & Berni

Den & her hiking buddy, Berni walked off the season’s excesses together. Elsewhere in the world, people were having a ‘dry January’ detoxing. In Montenegro the wine & food continues to flow through Catholic Christmas and NY, followed by Orthodox celebrations and slavas (Saint days).  And this year the celebrations never really ended as one big birthday followed another…

Fi party 12

… Dear friend Fiona turned 50.  Den organised a surprise party with all the trimmings. Here she is with her extraordinary cake.

Fi party 2

Den made Fiona masks for everyone when she walked (unsuspectingly) into the party.

Fi party 15

There was the usual silliness & wig wearing.

Crafty day 1

In February, Fiona hosted a craft day. Folk made stuff to sell at the Ruke (‘Hand’) festival in Herceg Novi to raise money for the dog shelter. The theme was ‘narandja’ or orange – hence the fruity still lifes.

Steve lino cut

Steve produced some wonderful lino cuts of orange segments which sold well at the fair. The shocking news here is… Steve’s growing his hair!!!

Crafty day 6

Katie tried her hands at turning a pot

Carrie & cake

March was a birthday bonanza. Den returned from the UK just in time to dash back to Herceg Novi, pick up Steve and Berni with the amazing cake she had baked and dash over to Tivat with a 1966 playlist and a bunch of balloons, to spring another surprise 50th.

Steve in green wig

This is what Steve thought of it all… but then he did turn 56 2 days later!

Zucenica 1

Finally it was detox time. Zucenica (dandelion leaves) are plentiful here in March and great for cleaning the blood.

Zucenica 2

Add shredded dandelion leaves to fresh local potatoes that have been drained and are still piping hot. Mix well with glug of olive oil, plenty of garlic and a squeeze of lemon. Divine!

Graeme Simsion book

Cracking good read, if a little unbelievable…


‘Work’ book – supposed to be for Steve but only Den has read it so far. Good book. Just got to think of the ideal product!

George RR Martin book

Another cracking book in the Game of Thrones series. Nailbiting, brutal, brilliantly descriptive & bloody

James Lee Burke book

Read on a recommendation. Not bad but I’m not blown away. Lack of character development ruined this novel for me


Murakami still rocks but this wasn’t my favourite. Keeps the reader guessing tho, if a little too introspective


Disturbing book. Faulks continues to surprise me with his versatility. Guessed the ending tho.

john irving

Current book – nearly finished. A little bit too rambling for my liking. But quirky and moments of brilliance.

fresh salad

Picked our first fresh salads & herbs in March. So great to be eating our organic produce.

nursery in April

This is how our garden grew a week or so ago. Even more developed and lush in the nursery now. Sunflowers have been planted out already!


Finally, a sign-off from nature. Herceg Novi is awash with mauve and heavy with wisteria scent. Summer’s smells & feels just around the corner…


  1. fullmonte (Post author)

    Wow! Thanks for following us. It’s great to know.

  2. Salvatore Presti

    I read it, Den! I’ve been following you for years, starting with flickr to this.

  3. fullmonte (Post author)

    Thanks Carrie! So great to see you commenting here. Maybe there is more than 3 people who actually read this blog!

  4. Carrie M

    Brilliant reminder of a fabulous winter! Roll on a superb summer; lucky we’re here Xx

  5. fullmonte (Post author)

    Thanks for sticking with us. Glad you enjoy.

  6. Morris Collins

    Most awesome! Love the pics of everyone. You are on our bucket list to visit!

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