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I know you’ve heard it all before!

Scrolling back through our last Camp Full Monte blog posts it seems every six months or so (sometimes longer), we try to re-vitalise our presence on this blog by promising more regular articles and content … and then we spectacularly fail to do so. What can I say? Life here gets busy and all encompassing? Who wants to spend hours in a basement compiling blog posts via a dodgy internet connection when we can be naked outdoors in the sun? Does anyone ever read them anyway? Well we’re going to try once again because new and exciting adventures lie ahead.

What’s Changed?

For those who don’t know, here’s a quick update . Due to the pandemic, we’ve been closed to paying guests for the last two years. During 2020 Denise and I enjoyed having Camp Full Monte to ourselves. A three month holiday in our own resort. We had a few gatherings for local friends and a few visits from friends from afar but mostly we just enjoyed the Montenegro summer.

Time for a new adventure?

During 2020 we continued to dream of mothballing the campsite and doing some world travelling ourselves. Winter 2020-2021 came and went with some tragedies, tears, and challenges. Still the impact of the pandemic didn’t seem to be abating. It was impossible to plan or foresee if we would be able to travel but the dreaming continued.

Feel the fear and do it anyway!

Travelling still seems as difficult as ever but it is possible and we’re determined we can’t wait any longer. We’re just going to do it anyway. We’ve spent the summer trying to shed or store some of the goods and chattels we’ve accumulated during our 15 years in Montenegro (more to do on that score but we’re getting there). We’ve moved out of the rented house in town that we normally live in during winter. We’re both double vaccinated so we’re hoping that will help. Aaaand, we’re considering a number of exciting options regarding the future of Camp Full Monte and our company Full Monte Enterprises d.o.o. Options that past guests, volunteers, friends, followers, property developers and investors may be interested in.

So stay tuned to find out more in subsequent posts!

Bring it on!

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