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Eco holidays in Montenegro

Eco holidays are on the up.  A few years ago, a survey among travel agents concluded that ‘green’ travel is here to stay.  Interest in sustainable tourism is constantly rising.

As with any trend, suppliers rush to meet the demand.  However, if providers are not focused on protecting the natural habitat or preserving cultural heritage, consumers could be getting little more than ‘green wash’.

It’s great news for us that travellers are demanding more environmentally-friendly holidays.  An off-grid eco campsite doesn’t get much ‘greener’!  At Camp Full Monte we were so busy running our little green paradise that we forgot to shout about what we were doing.  A survey of our guests last year gave us a clear message: ‘big up’ the environmentally-friendly angle and package up all the elements of our sustainable tourism into an eco holiday offer.

Eco holidays at Camp Full Monte

The Camp Full Monte experience is an immersion in nature and eco living.  Snuggle in your comfy tent (on  a proper mattress!) among the chirping crickets & hooting owls for a nature retreat you won’t forget.  Take your time to settle in and explore the grounds.  Check out the ‘tyre wall’ bursting with colour & scent. Over 100 tyres were saved from landfill and rammed with earth to form a supporting wall which is planted with flowers.  Unsurprisingly,  it’s a haven for bees, moths, butterflies and other insects.

July - tyre wall

Our tyre wall – July 2015

There are plenty of places to relax whilst you acclimatise to the Montenegro heat.  Flop on the sofas in the outdoor lounge under the shade of the canopy:

May - sofas

Outdoor lounge

We have a double hammock and 2 singles strung up in the trees in the shade and if you want to retreat from the sun completely, head for the ‘cave’.  This is the cool basement area under the main building where you can find more comfy seats and some great books!

May - basement 1

The ‘cave’ and one part of the library

The food at Camp Full Monte is always home-cooked and tasty, with produce fresh from it’s earthy bed.  We cater for most dietary requirements and we’re very popular with vegetarians and vegans. Breakfast is included in the offer and is a relaxed affair.  Help yourself to fruit, bread, homemade preserves, yogurt, cereal, juice, tea & coffee and take as much time as you need.

When you’re rested and ready for some learning, we’ll take you on a comprehensive tour of our impressive facilities. Find out why our ‘dry’ toilets are the best in Montenegro.  Discover how we utilise solar photovoltaic power and how our solar thermal hot water system operates. Learn about our grey water system and how every turn of the tap is helping to water our plants. All around you will see examples of recycling & upcycling – wine bottle windows, notice boards from corks…

Eco holidays with a difference – a tailored experience

We remember the days of counting down to the much-needed break from the stress and drudge of ‘real jobs’.  It’s YOUR holiday so take things at your own pace.  Do as much or as little as you like and we’ll tailor the experience to your needs.   There’s plenty to keep you occupied around the campsite:

  • Join us in the raised beds to learn about organic gardening
  • Enjoy an informal talk on making your own green cleaning products
June - go green

Green workshops

  • Whip up some home-made hand cream or toothpaste powder under our expert supervision
  • Get creative in the kitchen with us and hone your cooking skills
  • Explore the local villages with Daisy Marmite the campsite dog.  Visit the spring where we collect our drinking water and pick wild flowers & herbs along the way
  • Get involved in our crafty projects such as reusing discarded tiles for mosaic decoration or upcycling used tetra pak containers

Further afield – ecotourism in the local region

Montenegro is a beautiful country & we encourage our guests to make time to explore it.  But where to go to avoid all the usual tourist traps?  And how can you be sure you’re supporting responsible travel?  We have an extensive local network of artisans and farmers showcasing cultural traditions with a focus on conservation and sustainability.  We can organise a variety of hikes, tours and gastronomic experiences including:

  • A ramble in nature with a local guide.  Discover herbs and fruits to forage for and all their medicinal benefits
Nov - Orijen hike 7

Hiking on Orijen


  • A meal at a nearby ‘konoba’ in a beautiful, secluded spot.  You’ll enjoy homemade wine & liquors and eat freshly-cooked, locally-produced cuisine
  • A visit to a local vineyard.  Get the low down on wine-making and enjoy some tasting too!
  • A tour of a farm in the region that grows & processes herbs & flowers.  Learn how to distill essential oils and take a sample home.
  • A visit to a family-run restaurant, off the main tourist trail.  Here you can pick herbs & produce from the garden and get involved in preparing a ‘domaci’ meal.  Enjoy the fruits of your labour while your host entertains you with stories of country living.

These are unique experiences only available through us and our partners.  And if you’re looking for gifts & souvenirs we can recommend homemade soaps, honey, preserves & other products.

We are delighted to be showcasing our eco holidays at the ITB in Berlin next week.  In conjunction with the WBGN, our partners at Black Mountain are promoting our eco holidays.  Here’s the  brochure with all the details.

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