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Can we help you realise your dreams?

How about a new life in Montenegro?

Have you ever dreamed about quitting your 9-5, escaping the rat race and retreating into nature? Well read on, we may be able to help you realise that dream.

Also read on if you’d like the opportunity to experience and learn more about off-grid, sustainable, environmentally friendly living. It could be a holiday with a difference.

Back story

Denise and I have been developing and running Camp Full Monte for over 14 wonderful years. For those who don’t know, Camp Full Monte is an off-grid, clothing optional campsite resort and eco project.

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Over the years guests and volunteer helpers from the world over have convinced us we need to see more of that world. We’re not getting any younger and our wanderlust is now growing daily. It needs to be satisfied and soon. The question is, what do we do with Camp Full Monte in the meantime?

The options

We’ve identified three favoured scenarios, each with considerable flexibility.

“Mothball” it!

We’ve recently made a lot of investment in the site to ensure it can be secured against intruders, the weather and survive a period of abandonment. Whilst this is our least favoured option, mainly because it seems such a waste of the beautiful space we have created, it is a possibility.

Let someone else manage or care-take it for a while

The devil will be in the detail of this particular arrangement, but the possibilities are endless and we would consider any serious proposals. We would not discount a plan that radically changed the use of the site. For example, it would lend itself to a venue for retreats and workshops.  We are not wedded to retaining its clothing optional or off-grid status. That said, it is our belief that there is still plenty of opportunity to grow the existing business model. Nor do we have fixed ideas as to how we might be financially compensated for use of the space by a caretaker or manager. Nominal rent, profit share, leasehold arrangement, rent to buy – again we’d consider all serious offers.

Sell it and walk away

For someone looking for an easy start to a life in Montenegro, buying some or all of the 8000 sqm of land could be an attractive option. Our company, Full Monte Enterprises d.o.o. actually owns the land. This means it may be easier to sell the company. We could include all the furniture, fixtures and fittings, tools, infrastructure systems, websites, social media accounts – everything you’d need to get up and running next season. We can introduce you to our network of local suppliers, tradespeople, service providers, accountants, lawyers etc.

Even if you do not want to continue with the current business or business model, this is likely to be the most straightforward route to realising your own vision and goals. The local planning department has recently “zoned” the land area that is Camp Full Monte. This means that it is now possible to apply for permissions to build a year round habitable object of up to 250 sqm on the site. As the owner and employee of a company, your residency and visa application process is simplified.

  • How our garden grows
  • Local Women's Group


The final purchase price would be negotiable and depend on what fixtures & fittings may be included. All offers over €280,000 plus extras would be considered.

The next step – “Try before you buy”

We understand that for many, taking on an existing business & off grid property (especially one as unique as Camp Full Monte) could be a daunting prospect.

To maximise the opportunity for you to be successful and manage or even buy the business outright, we are planning to run 7 day residential workshops for up to 10 people throughout late August & September (Friday – Friday) and if necessary from late April 2022.

In summary, it will be an opportunity to come and live the life we do and learn everything you need to know about the site and current business. It will include a mix of formal classroom sessions and practical, hands-on vocational sessions.

Even if the prospect of owning or managing our business is not for you, this course would benefit anyone wanting to know more about living off-grid. Come and see it in action! 

The workshops would cover :

  • How all our infrastructure systems work – the solar PV and solar water heating systems, the fresh water system, the waterless toilets and urinals, the grey water disposal & irrigation system.
  • Our existing marketing collateral & strategy – our social media presences, our official websites, camping directory listings, travel agent contracts.
  • The current business model and guest offers, including glamping tent hire & tent pitch options, catering, pricing, booking systems, use of volunteer helpers.
  • The legal and administrative processes you will need to follow to run the business.
  • A Q&A session with a representative from our current accountancy services provider.
  • Spring opening and autumn winterisation processes.
  • Grounds and gardens maintenance routines.
  • The domestic routines and pattern of life.
  • Our list of local preferred suppliers for all the services and products you may need.


Outside of formal session times, we’ll be living equally in community sharing chores, meals and free time together. A chance for informal discussion about all aspects of life in Montenegro.  We’ll also make space for you to go off and explore the immediate vicinity of Kotor Bay (Boka Kotorska).

Accommodation and Meals

We will provide everything you need (mattresses, bedding & pillows) for a good nights sleep in one of our hire tents. All meals will be provided. See our website for more details of the facilities and what to expect.

Applications & Costs

You can use this form to contact us to register your interest or ask us questions. The all-inclusive price will be €450 per person or €700 for 2 people applying at the same time. Depending on numbers, there are further discounts for groups. We may not be able to accept all applications due to limited number of places.

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