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22 reasons why I love you…

Steve and I will be apart this Valentine’s Day.  In different countries no less.

Since the card & pressie I’ve got for him will arrive too late and there probably won’t even be much chance of a skype chat in between work and going out for a meal with dear friends (who are pretending it’s for V’s birthday but probably really don’t want me to be moping on the Day of Lovers…), I have decided to publish this tribute to our love and hope that this public declaration makes him smile more than it makes him squirm…

Since you’ve been my Valentine for 22 years now, darling Stevo here are 22 reasons why I love you:

  1. you make me smile, even when I don’t want to
  2. you give the best hugs
  3. you are one of the smartest, challenging, maddening people I know
  4. your extroversion and tolerance is a perfect foil for my grumpiness with people at times and my impatience
  5. you are the best snogger in my world. ever.
  6. you look delicious. with or without your clothes
  7. you love picking spots as much as I do
  8. you are brilliant at cryptic crosswords
  9. you give me wonderful massages. all over.
  10. you have a big, soft heart
  11. you are honest and straightforward
  12. you love Marmite, almost as much as me
  13. you’re rarely daunted
  14. you’re a “glass half full” kinda guy
  15. you give me permission to indulge all my vices
  16. you love me tenderly, passionately and unselfishly
  17. you say I look amazing even when I don’t
  18. I believe you when you say that you will still love me when my boobs have reached my knees and I’m one BIG wrinkle
  19. you’re amazing with your hands. in so many ways.
  20. I can be with you 24/7 for months on end without drama
  21. “how hard can it be?”
  22. you will never make me feel like writing a blog post entitled: “22 reasons why I hate you…”

Happy Valentine’s Day darling!


  1. Steve

    Ralph – Don’t I know it 🙂

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  3. Ralph K.

    Lucky guy!

  4. Keith

    Lovely! Happy V-Day to you both!

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